Green World has now attained the pinnacle of
NEBOSH GOLD Learning Partner Status across all the regions it operates in India, Middle East & Africa!

NEBOSH IGC Virtual / Online Live Training (Worldwide) Schedule

Friday Special Batch

Start Date End Date Regn. Last Date
15th Jan ’21 05th Mar ’21 10th Jan ’21 Enquire Now
29th Jan ’21 19th Mar ’21 25th Jan ’21 Enquire Now

WeekEnd Sunday Batch

Start Date End Date Regn. Last Date
17th Jan ’21 07th Mar ’21 12th Jan ’21 Enquire Now

Evening Mon. (to) Thurs. Batch

Start Date End Date Regn. Last Date
06th Jan ’21 09th Feb ’21 02nd Jan ’21 Enquire Now
18th Jan ’21 18th Feb ’21 12th Jan ’21 Enquire Now
25th Jan ’21 25th Feb ’21 20th Jan ’21 Enquire Now

NEBOSH HSE Certificate In Process Safety Management Training Schedule – Virtual / Online

Start Date End Date Regn. Last Date
04th Jan ’21 14th Jan ’21 31st Dec ’20 Enquire Now

NEBOSH Open Book Examination (OBE)

Green World is delighted to announce NEBOSH Open Book Examination (OBE) – A new format of assessment , which enables the learners to take the examination at the comfort of the home. The OBE Assesses the same objective & learning outcomes as it was earlier in written / paper format.

NEBOSH IG1 / IGC1 Open Book Exam Date:
03rd February 2021,
07th April 2021, 09th June 2021

What is NEBOSH OPEN BOOK Examination?

NEBOSH IGC Saturday & Sunday Batch

Live Online Classes & Assessment

Training Date:
17 th Jan ’21 to 07th Mar ’21
(Sunday Session 10:30 AM to 2.00 PM)

ISO 45001:2018 Lead Auditor Virtual Training Schedule – Regular Evening Batch

Course Name Start Date Regn. Last Date
ISO 9001 06th Jan ’21 26th Jan ’21 Enquire Now
ISO 45001 11th Jan ’21 02th Feb ’21 Enquire Now
ISO 45001 01st Feb ’21 23rd Feb ’21 Enquire Now

NEBOSH International Diploma (NEBOSH IDip)

Green World’s 3 Days Free Webinar on NEBOSH International Diploma Topics covered
03-01-2021 (Sunday) Unit IA Exam Preparatory Workshop 1. Strategy on exam day
2. How is the exam assessed?
3. Areas in need of improvement for learners
4. Command words
5. Question paper discussion
6. Use of calculations
04-01-2021 (Monday) Unit IB
05-01-2021 (Tuesday) Unit IC
Nebosh IDip Date & Exam
Nebosh Internatinal Diploma 12th, 13th, 14th January 2021
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NEBOSH IGC Course Calendar Patna NEW Syllabus (2020)

NEBOSH IGC Hyderabad OLD Syllabus Resit Exam Dates

IGC-1 EXAM GC-2 EXAM Register Before
23rd Jan 2020 24th Jan 2020 16th Dec 2019 Enquire Now

NEBOSH IGC Training NEW Syllabus

NEBOSH IGC Training NEW Syllabus

NEBOSH HSE Introduction to Incident Investigation Training Schedule – Chennai

Start Date End Date Regn. Last Date
— Batch Not Yet Scheduled — Enquire Now

NEBOSH IGC  Old Syllabus (2019) Resit Exam Dates

Exam Venue IGC 1 EXAM GC 2 EXAM Register Before
New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata & Chennai Open Book Exam – Date not Scheduled Written Exam – Date not Scheduled