Well-differentiated liposarcoma is a malignant, non-metastasizing tumor that can present with similar histological characteristics as benign lipoma lesions and has a higher recurrence rate. Advanced immunohistochemistry staining can be performed to help distinguish the well-differentiated liposarcoma (atypical lipomatous tumor) from lipoma.

The CDK4 protein is frequently overexpressed in well-differentiated liposarcoma and is rarely observed in lipomas. Likewise, anti-MDM2 has been demonstrated to be useful in distinguishing between these, with the neoplastic cells positive in the former lesion and negative in lipoma.

Due to the protein expression differences between these lesions, both soft tissue markers are useful in an immunohistochemistry grid to aid in the differential diagnosis between well-differentiated liposarcoma and lipoma.*

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CDK4 (DCS-31)


MDM2 (IF2)

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Cell Marque™ Tissue Diagnostics
New Rabbit Monoclonal Antibodies – Available Now

We are dedicated to introducing the latest in rabbit monoclonal technology. These new releases have been carefully crafted to aid in tissue identification and are ready to be added to your histopathology lineup today. Learn more below and contact us to order now.

Claudin-4 (EP417)

Claudin-4 (EP417)
Rabbit Monoclonal Primary Antibody

Claudin-4 is expressed in most epithelial cells yet is absent in mesothelial cells, making it of great use in characterizing epithelial malignancies. Immunohistochemical identification of this antigen may help identify poorly differentiated lung adenocarcinoma from lesions of mesothelial origin. Likewise, identification of claudin-4 expression by IHC may be useful in characterizing breast and endometrial lesions.

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Ki-67 (MRQ-64)

Ki-67 (MRQ-64)
Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody

Though its specific role is largely postulated and still yet to be determined, Ki-67’s presence during cellular division makes it an excellent target for labeling rapidly growing malignancies. Given that its presence correlates with cell proliferation, the immunohistochemical labeling of Ki-67 antigen may be useful in characterizing a lesion’s growth fraction. It has been demonstrated that identifying this antigen by IHC is useful in characterizing lesions of the breast, lymphoid cells, astrocytes, and uterus.

Breast Cancer Awareness is for Everyone

Breast cancer doesn’t discriminate based on gender. Did you know that the survival rate for breast cancer differs greatly between men and women? Statistically speaking, it could be in part to lower awareness and fewer detection practices among men. Join us in communal unity as we raise awareness and reduce the stigma around breast cancer among both men and women.

Breast cancer in women does occur at an exponentially higher rate than in men, but more than 2,600 men are expected to be diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020 and the 5-year survival rate is lower than that of female breast cancer. By spreading the word you can help detect all chest cancers earlier, in hopes to begin improving the survival rates.

To learn more about breast cancer among men, view some of the informative articles we’ve found on the subject below:

NSH 2020 Virtual HistoHero Experience

Join us on October 13th –15th for the first-ever virtual HistoHero experience at NSH 2020. Your favorite Cell Marque™ experts will be hosting a brand-new experience for you at our virtual NSH booth. With our featured IHC Antibodies and Special Stains, new products, face-to-face presentations, and endless resources, you won’t want to miss this!

Exciting activities that await you北北北砂王者天堂最新章节免费阅读 北北北砂王者天堂 北北北砂王者天堂最新章节免费阅读 北北北砂王者天堂 ,https荔枝影视男人影院最新章节目录 https荔枝影视 https荔枝影视男人影院最新章节目录 https荔枝影视  

  • New Educational Webinar Series (CE Credits Available) 
    • Tuesday, October 13th, @12PM ESTSkin Cancer and IHC: Understanding our most common cancer with Debra Freeman 
    • Wednesday, October 14th, @12PM ESTStaying In Control with Colin Tristram 
    • Thursday, October 15th, @12PM EST北北北砂王者天堂最新章节免费阅读 北北北砂王者天堂 北北北砂王者天堂最新章节免费阅读 北北北砂王者天堂 ,https荔枝影视男人影院最新章节目录 https荔枝影视 https荔枝影视男人影院最新章节目录 https荔枝影视 : Cancer in Hollywood 2020 with Jeff Gordon 
  • Discuss our Novel IHC Antibody Releases 
  • Interactive Q&A Chats with our Experts 
  • Browse new literature resources 
  • And much more… 

Visit Us for more HistoHero Fun! 

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*Possible CE credit available for select presentations

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The wait is over… New Cell Marque™ Antibodies are available now! 

As your trusted partner in IHC, our team of experts values the importance of introducing novel markers into your antibody portfolio. Breakthroughs feel closer than ever as we release these lab-developed tests conveniently available to order today! 

Contact your technical consultant or international distributor now. 

View ROS1    View ARID1A

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Revealing the truth with pediatric markers  

We know that childhood cancer is relatively rare overall. In honor of Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month, we strive to shine a light on the heroic measures taken in histopathology. An estimated 300,000+ children will be diagnosed with some form of cancer worldwide in 2020, with a survival rate of around 80+% in the United States due in part to early detection.

From a histological perspective, pediatric cancers can be quite varied in appearance, and their detection may require more focused immunohistochemistry and ancillary testing. Because of this, and the rapid growth of some forms of pediatric cancer, accurate and timely detection is the secret weapon you’ve been looking for.  

We offer a portfolio of pediatric markers for IHC, including sensitive and specific rabbit monoclonal options. 

Novel Pediatric Markers: 




Pediatric Pathology Portfolio

Over the past few years, you have likely noticed that our educational materials and website have been given a vibrant new look to align with our strategy of being a modern life science company.  

The next step in our journey is to similarly uplift our product packaging and labeling. Not only will the aesthetics be cutting edge, but additionally we will be updating the content of our labels to meet future global, federal and local standards. This will allow us to continue to meet and exceed your needs when it comes to delivering our products.  

The products themselves (composition, etc.) will not be changing in any way.  

As we work toward this transition, we’d like to share a sneak peek of these changes with you.  

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HistoHero University

2020 Summer Camp Education Series
Now through August 28th 2020

Are you ready to join us for a summer packed with complementary educational histology materials? We have an exciting schedule of fun and interactive activities featuring Webinar Wednesdays and Trivia Fridays.

Share the knowledge with your colleagues and gear up for virtual empowerment wherever you are!

The steps are simple: Register for each webinar, watch on Wednesdays, quiz on Fridays!

More Details:

  • Each webinar is worth ½ CE Credit
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Sensitive and Specific Markers for Dermatopathology Staining

Even during uncertain times, the need to continue science and early detection is ever-present. With the return of warmer weather on the horizon it is more important than ever to keep safe practices in the sun, the number one cause of skin cancers like Melanoma.

As one of the unsung heroes of the medical industry, we want to ensure that you are equipped with effective and reliable IHC antibodies for detecting melanoma.

Top melanoma markers:

Dermatopathology Markers – Full IHC List


30x Faster Staining with Fontana-Masson

Are you ready for rapid testing protocol without sacrificing expected results? With the Sigma-Aldrich Fontana-Masson Kit & Controls, drastically reduce staining time compared to standard procedures using a microwave protocol! 

  • Reduce melanin incubation from 30 minutes to 1 minute 
  • Argentaffin staining incubation time is decreased from 60 minutes to 2 minutes 
  • Ammoniacal Silver Solution is ready to use immediately upon preparation — no lengthy wait time 

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