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1998.3 In March 1998, Cixi Zhongda Motor Factory was established, and the collective plant in the village was leased to produce Y series three-phase asynchronous motors.

1998 In 1998, the first work production line was established.

2000.5 In May 2000, the company purchased the first Ningjiang Y3612 gear hobbing machine and transformed to the production of AC geared motors.

2002.5 In 2002, the company expanded a new plant of 4.7 mu in the West River of Zhangshu, with a building area of ​​1,440 m2, completing the first move.

2002.7 In July 2002, the company purchased the first Taiwan Yangtie Processing Center.

2005.3 In March 2005, the AC geared motor produced by the company was used in the computer flat knitting machine.

2005 In 2005, the company developed a DC brush gear reduction motor.

2006.3 In March 2006, the company purchased the first Swiss Hexagon three coordinates measuring instrument.

2006 In 2006, China took the lead in introducing Japan's small module hard tooth surface processing technology, creating the technological advancement and producing small gear reducer motors.

2006.8 In August 2006, Ningbo Zhongda Leader Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd. was established, and a plant of 10,000m2 plant was expanded.

2007.8.10 On August 10, 2007, Tang Renyuan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Mo Huicheng, Director of the Xi'an Micromotor Research Institute, and other experts visited the company for inspection and guidance.

2008 In 2008, the company developed and produced high-precision planetary reducers.

2008.1.8 On January 8, 2008, the company's two major new products - brushless door opener motor and "Xiao Jingang" small deceleration motor successfully passed the Ningbo New Product and New Technology Appraisal.

2008.1.25 On January 25, 2008, the motor of new project of Zhongda successfully settled in the Beijing Olympics Bird's Nest Stadium - supporting the use of intelligent remote control lifting lamps.

2008.9.11 On September 11, 2008, the company undertook the "Drafting Working Group Meetings for National Standards General Specification for Motors Asynchronous Miniature Electronic Regulator and General Specification for Miniature Motors Electronic Household Appliances".

2008.11 The company began to research and develop the brushless DC motor system.

2008.12 In December 2008, the company participated in the formulation of the national standard General Specification for Motors Asynchronous Miniature Electronic Regulator and became the first drafting unit.

2008.12.19 On December 19, 2008, the company held the first national distributor summit.

2008.12.30 On December 30, 2008, the company held the second member congress of trade unions and elected a new committee.

2009 The company develops and produces brushless DC gearmotors.

2009.5 In May 2009, the company established a sales office in Beijing and later moved to Tianjin to change its name to North Marketing Center.

2009.6.12 On June 12, 2009, the company's series of high-tech industrial control products made a wonderful appearance at the 14th Shanghai International Textile Industry Exhibition.

2009.7.10 The company's PDM (enterprise informatization product data management system) project passed the acceptance of Cixi Science and Technology Bureau.

2009.11.10 On November 10, 2009, Nordson's US and German quality supervisors and purchasing supervisors, accompanied by Shanghai Nordson Corporation, visited the company and performed in-depth professional technical exchanges.

2009.12.19 On December 19, 2009, the company held the second session of national distributor summit with the theme of "promoting technological progress, guiding market demand, sincerely cooperating and seeking for win-win development" in Cixi Hotel.

2010.1 The company expanded its workshop for the third time, adding a three-story building area of 2,400 m².

2010.1.11 President Cen was invited to participate in the academic annual meeting of Zhejiang Provincial Motor Dynamics Association and the "Technological Innovation and Industrial Structure Adjustment" report to give a special report.

2010.12 The company participated in the formulation of the industry standard "General Technical Conditions for Small Gear Reducer Motors" and was the first drafting unit.

2010.12.18 The company successfully held the third national distributors' annual meeting.

2011.3.13-15 The company successfully undertook the fourth council of the sixth session of the China Electric Power Association Micro Motor and Components Branch.

2011 The company's permanent magnet brushless motor planetary gear reduction mechanism project is included in the national torch plan project.

2011.12.17 The company signed a contract with Ningbo Huaci Blue Ocean Venture Capital Fund for equity investment.

2012 Developed cycloid precision reducer.

2012.4.26 hangzhou Bay factory officially started construction, covering an area of 50 mu and building 43000 square meters of factory buildings.

2012 Development and production of transmission planetary reducer.

2012.7.2 The foundation of the new industrial park in Cixi City was laid and the company participated in the ceremony as the first batch of settled enterprises.caoliu2017免费阅读_caoliu2017最新章节 caoliu2017免费阅读_caoliu2017最新章节 ,范冰冰全裸阴部正面图 拍戏被真干了的女星 范冰冰全裸阴部正面图 拍戏被真干了的女星

2012.12.5 Six new products including "VRSF-78VR20-200 Planetary Reducer" developed by the company passed the expert appraisal at the Ningbo Municipal Industrial New Product Appraisal Meeting.

2013 The company develops and produces cycloidal pin wheel precision reducers (joint robot special reducers).

caoliu2017免费阅读_caoliu2017最新章节 caoliu2017免费阅读_caoliu2017最新章节 ,范冰冰全裸阴部正面图 拍戏被真干了的女星 范冰冰全裸阴部正面图 拍戏被真干了的女星 2013.3 The main construction of Zhongda Motor's plant in the emerging industrial park has reached the top, covering an area of 50 acres and building a plant of 50,000 square meters.

2013.11.8 The company moved to a new site as a whole-the emerging industrial cluster area.

2013.12.3 The licensing of the emerging industrial cluster area and the company officially put into operation.

2013 The company fully develops and produces hypoid, arc bevel gear reducer, high-precision corner planetary gear reducer, electric forklift drive assembly, power steering mechanism, provides high-quality and efficient products for intelligent equipment and automation applications, and uses technology to create wonderful.

2014.4caoliu2017免费阅读_caoliu2017最新章节 caoliu2017免费阅读_caoliu2017最新章节 ,范冰冰全裸阴部正面图 拍戏被真干了的女星 范冰冰全裸阴部正面图 拍戏被真干了的女星 The company cooperates with relevant parties to research and develop the project of "research and application demonstration of mass design and manufacturing technology of RV Reducer with high precision and high reliability for robot", and applied for the national high technology research and development plan (863 plan).

2014 The company developed ZB series high rigidity precision planetary reducer, brushless DC motor with transmission type planetary reducer.

2015 The company developed the drum motor series.

2015 The company's shareholding system was reformed and Ningbo Zhongda Leader Intelligent Transmission Co., Ltd was established.

2015.3 ZD-220BX-81-RVE cycloid precision reducer won the first (set) product in the province in the key field of equipment manufacturing;

2015.4 The robot reducer division moved into the Zhongda Chuangyuan plant area of 2500 square meters to establish a constant temperature finishing workshop;

2016 Development and production of harmonic reducers.

2016 The company's cycloidal pinwheel RV reducer won the "Made in China"

2016 The company approved the establishment of a mechanical industry precision gear reducer motor engineering center caoliu2017免费阅读_caoliu2017最新章节 caoliu2017免费阅读_caoliu2017最新章节 ,范冰冰全裸阴部正面图 拍戏被真干了的女星 范冰冰全裸阴部正面图 拍戏被真干了的女星

2017.8.29 The company was successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's small and medium board A shares.

2017 The company invested in the research and development of robot precision cycloid pin wheel reducer, and the products won the bid for the 2017 strong industrial foundation project of the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China to create a national brand.

2018.3 The company's first servo motor was successfully developed.

2018.11 "Cycloidal pin wheel precision reducer" won the bid for the "one-stop" application plan of key products and processes of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's industrial strong foundation

2018 As the first drafter, the industry standard "Cycloidal Pin Wheel Precision Reducer", Dali De, as the first drafter, completed the preparation, passed the review, and issued it in printing

2018.12 Two products of 250BX-111-REA and 50CBX-32.54-RVC passed the new product appraisal of Ningbo Economic and Information Technology Commission of Ningbo Economic and Information Commission;

2018.12 "Cycloid pin wheel precision reducer" was selected as a major project of Ningbo Science and Technology Innovation 2025.

2018.12 "ZD-50CBX-32.54-RVC cycloidal pin gear precision reducer" and "ZD-250BX-111-REA cycloidal pin gear precision reducer" passed the new product identification.

2019 The machinery industry precision gear reducer motor engineering center (national engineering center) passed the acceptance.

2019.3 The Robot Reducer Division moved into a new plant of 9,000 square meters.

2019.4 The company's AC motor governor was successfully developed.

2019.5 The company's C20 low-voltage brushless driver and driver external keyboard have been successfully developed.

2019.6 As a sub-project, "Application Verification of Gear Quick Measurement Technology" participates in the national key research and development plan "Gear Line Structure Light Quick Measurement Method and Instrument".

2019.10 The company's C10 high-voltage brushless digital display driver was successfully developed.

2019 The cycloid precision reducer has an annual production capacity of 60,000 units;

caoliu2017免费阅读_caoliu2017最新章节 caoliu2017免费阅读_caoliu2017最新章节 ,范冰冰全裸阴部正面图 拍戏被真干了的女星 范冰冰全裸阴部正面图 拍戏被真干了的女星

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